We provide services in geomechanical modeling (1D / 3D / 4D), processing and interpretation of seismic data, interpretation of well logging data, geological and hydrodynamic modeling, laboratory core testing, selection of reservoirs for underground storage of CO2.


We develop LithoStudio software for geomechanical and geological modeling.


Geomechanics training

Core laboratory researching

LithoStudio software

Geomechanical modeling

Geology, Geophysics, Development



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explored deposits
successfully drilled wells
of geological and geomechanical modeling
Production optimization and oil and gas field economics
Geological and geosteering support for well drilling
Geological, hydrodynamic, geomechanical-hydrodynamic modeling
Petrophysical interpretation of logging data and laboratory core studies
Processing and interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data

Geology, Geophysics, Feild Development

Geomechanical modeling solves the following tasks:

Geomechanical modeling

Геомеханическое моделирование
Selecting a safe mud density range (static and circulating density)
Trajectory and well design optimization
Recommendations for improving efficiency in hydraulic fracturing operations
ROP increase
Reducing non-productive drilling time
Reducing the risks of fluid shows, wellbore instability and losses
Works performed during geomechanical support of drilling wells:
Геомеханическое сопровождение бурения скважин
Based on the geomechanical model, recommendations are given to reduce drilling risks
A forecast for the next drilling interval is issued
The evaluation of the data that comes in real time from the mud logging stations via the WITSML protocol is performed
As new data become available, the geomechanical model is updated


Lithosphere is a software developer for geomechanical and geological modeling — LithoStudio.
The program was created in 2015 and was previously called Geomechanics Software. In 2021, the program was renamed to LithoStudio. The functionality of the program has expanded significantly. In addition to geomechanics, the program has added petrophysical and geological modeling capabilities.
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LithoStudio is registered in the state register of computer programs. Patent number: 3611.
LithoStudio has been tested by state geological institutions and received a positive assessment. The program has been tested and recommended for use in geomechanical modeling.
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Geomechanical modeling in LithoStudio
Geomechanical modeling in LithoStudio
Geomechanical modeling in LithoStudio

Laboratory for core strength property studies

Since 2014, Litosfera LLC has its own laboratory for the study of the mechanical properties of rocks. The obtained results are used to refine forecasts and build geomechanical models.
Laboratory for core strength property studies
Laboratory for core strength property studies
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Lithosphere LLC has an author’s program for teaching the discipline "Geomechanics of Reservoirs", which is based on the best methods and training programs of universities.
Training is conducted online. In addition to theory, you will also learn geomechanical modeling using LithoStudio.
Geomechanics training

Geomechanics training

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Our company helps in finding subsurface areas and preparing for CO2 injection.


Obtaining the European ISO 27914 certificate
Preparation of a CO2 injection project with subsequent protection in state bodies
Preparation of a report on the completed exploration program for the purposes of underground CO2 storage
Preparation of geological survey projects for the purposes of underground CO2 storage: geological survey for the creation of underground structures not related to mining
Search for subsurface areas that meet the criteria for safe underground placement of CO2 in accordance with the requirements of the European standard ISO27914
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